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A News Story on Research In Motion, Shares Bruised (NASDAQ: BBRY)

Anonymous (not verified) | 07/31/14

Latest developments today had a negative effect on Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY) causing the stock to move lower by 0.43$ to $9.28 a share. Blackberry Limited, a round leader in raisable communications, today made public a collaboration with Microsoft to bring BBM� to Windows Phone 8 and higher.

"We are intent on bringing the most popular application experiences to Windows Phone, and with BBM, we are pleased to bring many of its top features to the Windows Phone platform," said Bryan Biniak, Vice President and Unspecialised Manager, Developer Experience, Microsoft. "BBM on Windows Phone brings our customers the secure, easy to use messaging experience they demand, and we expect that new features will roll out in the months to come."

"As the popularity of BBM continues to grow, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand its availability to the Windows Phone community," said John Sims, President Spheric Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. "The BBM app for Windows Phone shows our commitment to supporting cross platform capabilities, and we are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform."

The BBM app for Windows Phone builds on the collaboration, privacy and security features that are at the core of the BBM experience loved by many than 85 million monthly sporty users roughly the world. The stock has had a good performance in the past year, up 11.6%. Built specifically for the Windows Phone experience, BBM users will have a familiar, homegrown user experience that embraces the clean, moderne design of the Windows Phone UI.

Starting today, Windows Phone 8 users can download BBM and gain access to notable features, including: BBM Chats: The Chats page is your azygos destination for complete your chats, including groups, multi person and one to one. In a chat, you have lots of ways to share. You can attach a picture from your camera, add a voice note, send a contact, share a photo from your gallery or send your location. Chats likewise include BBM signature "D" and "R" notifications that allow users to know when messages are delivered and read. BBM Groups: With BBM Groups, improving to 50 people can be added to the conversation. Chat, share photos and schedules with justified much friends. Find Friends: Discover people you know that are too using BBM and invite them to your BBM contact list, from inside the app. With the ability to easy share your PIN with your friends and family, connecting is easygoing than ever. BBM Feeds: Feeds lets you see what's happening with your BBM contacts. Hither you will see when contacts update their status or profile photo. If you want to chat most one of their updates, precisely touch on their name and you'll be taken to a chat. Hither you can too rapidly update your own status to share what you're skyward to or what's on your mind. 'Pin' to Start: Pin BBM Groups and 1:1 chats to the Start screen for promiscuous access to your nigh probative chats

Additional features for BBM on Windows Phone will continue to be added in prospective releases. The Nasdaq was lower in today's trading session by 1.8% to 4,384.17.